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The Bocale estate has introduced its first special selection of Montefalco Sagrantino: “Ennio” 2015.

Bocale is a small artisanal producer in the heart of the Sagrantino growing area, located in the hamlet of Madonna della Stella at Montefalco in the Province of Perugia, in Umbria. There are just five hectares under vine at 270 meters above sea level, producing around 30,000 bottles each year.

The Valentini family, which has always been involved in agriculture and whose links with this area are deep-rooted, produces a wine of great personality: Sagrantino, the premier wine of Umbria, which finds a vibrant interpretation in this special selection dedicated to Ennio Valentini.

The Ennio Sagrantino possesses all the distinctive traits that have made this type of wine famous around the world: it is a rich, powerful wine, but it also amazes you with its approachable style. It reveals an elegant rounded profile that surprises us by re-proposing the historic grape variety of Montefalco in a brand-new version.

After a period of experimentation Valentino Valentini, the owner of the estate, picked out – together with his brother Antonello and their enologist Emiliano Falsini – the finest bunches (those that were particularly ripe) in order to set them aside to make Ennio.

Following strict selection in the vineyard and picking by hand, the grapes were fermented with their indigenous yeasts and then underwent maceration in open wooded vats where, each day, the cap was punched down by hand by Ennio Valentini (Valentino and Antonello’s father).

The fermentation and maceration in wood, together with manual punching down of the cap, help make this wine elegant, rounded and full of character.

The Ennio Selection matured for two years in oak barrels and then for a further two years in bottle before being released onto the market.

The first vintage to be produced was the 2015, one of the best years of the decade in Montefalco.

 «We want a wine that is artisanal, made with passion and a profound knowledge of our area. We have lived in this zone for generations, and it has become part of us. We aim to produce a wine that is a real pleasure to drink, that excites and surprises you, but which is still recognizably ours and typical of this region», explains Valentino.

The management of the estate is ecologically sustainable and employs farming methods that are compatible with safeguarding the environment.  

No herbicides are used in the vineyards, and this ensures that the wines are free of any residual chemicals. Grass is allowed to grow between the vine rows, thus reducing the use of machinery, erosion and the running-off of surface water. 

In order to restore humus to the earth, green manure (field beans) and animal feces are alternated. The entire production cycle is sustained by solar energy and the winery is underground. This not only ensures that pumps do not have to be used, because the wine can be moved by the force of gravity, but also natural climatization, thanks to the isolating effect of the earth itself.  

In the winery, only indigenous yeasts are used, and no microfiltration or stabilization is carried out. 

The wine thus obtained is the result of respect for the environmental cycles and natural predisposition of the terroir.  

Montefalco Sagrantino “Ennio” is a wine to be enjoyed for its elegance, its extraordinary easy-to-drink style, and because it is absolutely representative of its region of origin: Montefalco.


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