Main characteristics of production

The company covers 9 hectares, of which 5,2 are vineyards and having an average annual production of 30,000 bottles.

The vineyard is treated with natural grass regeneration techniques (land planting), using only organic and mineral fertilizers without the use of chemical products or herbicides;

The ageing takes place in French oak barrels

The wines are sold only after a thorough process of aging in the bottle has occurred.

The energy used for the entire production comes from renewable sources using a photovoltaic system.

The wines are all natural, homemade with an artisanprocess that reflects the regional characteristics.

The fermentation takes place exclusively with native yeasts.

The wine is produced without microfiltration and thermal stabilization.

For further information: Bocale agronomic practices 2018

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Azienda Agricola Bocale di Valentini
Via Fratta Alzatura 06036 Montefalco (Pg) Umbria tel +39 0742 399233 - fax +39 0742718052

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